Banking & Financial Solutions

Kcolefas strives to offer incomparable banking and financial products to our clients. To meet the extremely strict requirements of our banking and commercial customers, most of our product offerings are tested and approved by U.L. certification. The unmatched reliability, stability and safety are our foremost concerns of our banking and financial products.

Kcolefas offers typical banking and commercial solutions with: U.L. certificated anti-burglary safes, U.L. certificated vault doors, bank safe deposit boxes. We specially offer residential solutions with: panic rooms, residential vault doors that might serve every individual customer.

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Product solutions

High Security Safes

We offer U.L. TL-15*6 and TL-30*6 series certificated safes to your own requirement. From 630*620*700mm size, 570kg weight to 694*720*1676mm size, 1460kg weight, electronic to mechanical safe lock, varied exquisite interiors, we are honored to offer highly customizable safe products to customers. The ultra thick 10mm quality steel and reliable relock system are most trustworthy guardian.

Bank Vault Doors

At kcolefas, the vault door products are strict bank vault door with maximum protection. All series vault door products are U.L. certificated that you can trust and rely on our vault doors. From lightweight U.L. group M certificated to the highest U.L. group 3 certificated heavy-duty vault door, we aim to offer the most tailored product to your exact requirement.


Safe Deposit Boxes

Various styles of safe deposit boxes just tailored to customer’s needs: from hinge styles, mechanical and electronic lock systems, bond box materials, dimensions and openings, and all you require for safe deposit boxes we can make it just as you request it to be.

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