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Maximum reliability is the first goal in safe industry all along. Safe manufacturers rely on high security safe locks to increase integrated security performance. With kcolefas’ tremendous safe lock offerings your valuables can be well taken care of, covering not only safe industry, but also vault doors, safe deposit boxes, security containers, ATMs and applications wherever protection for property is needed.

Kcolefas offers classic and innovate safe locks for almost every situation. Mechanical locks provide stable performance which are more adequate for tough working situations meanwhile multi-functional innovate electronic locks play an indispensable role in modern security situations where tailored high-security functions are vitally required.

Take a quick tour of our tremendous safe lock portfolio through Product Solution and hope kcolefas Total Solution specially designed for safe industry might inspire you in some way.

Contact us today to explore how kcolefas’ solutions will eventually benefit your business and make your products more secure.

Product solutions

Mechanical Safe Lock

All mechanical safe locks are 3-wheel combination safe locks with  U.L. group 2 listed, which meet the high security demand of the market.

Front-reading dial: 30100 / 30101
Top-reading dial: 30130 / 30131 / 30132 / 30133

Electronic Safe Lock

Non-certificated locks with economical cost but good performance are perfect choices for lightweight safes. You can also choose our U.L. listed locks when you have strict certification requirement for locks.

Basic series: 30200 / 30201 / 30202 / 30203 / 30210
Basic series with display: 30230 / 30231
Basic series with fingerprint access: 30270 / 30271 / 30272 / 30273

UL certificated series: 30204 / 30205 / 30206 / 30207 / 30208 / 30209

Mechanical Key Lock

Security containers can be equipped with our mechanical key locks. U.L. listed and VdS certificated locks are first choice for high security safes and ATMs which require a key lock override system.

Basic series: 30300 / 30301 / 30302 / 30303 / 30304
U.L. lever lock: 30305
VdS 4-wheel lock with changeable key: 30391


Our trustworthy components include escutcheons, handles and boltwork.

Escutcheons: 30910
Drop Handle: 30900
3-spoke handle: 30903
5-spoke handle: 30905
3-way Boltwork: 30980
4-way Boltwork: 30981 / 30982 / 30983

Safe Deposit Locks

We offer several types of replacement locks for the most popular locks on market and U.L. certificated locks for your new project

Basic series: 30400 / 30401 / 30402 / 30420 / 30403
U.L. listed lock: 30421 / 30430 / 30431

Total solutions

Kcolefas has been striving to offer comprehensive total solutions to safe companies. The product portfolio we recommend hereafter are results of our rich expertise and long-time experiences in safe industry. The total solutions are not stereotypical but more like professional references that might inspire you with new ideas and possibilities for your project.

Gun Safe: Quick access to guns is important, we recommend electronic safe lock sets especially with fingerprint access with drop handle and one lock 3-way boltwork.
Lock 30271 (Lock 30272 / Lock 30273) + handle 30900 + boltwork 30980

ATM: ATMs are required to be opened by two individual passwords held by bank staff and banknote carrier, so dual mode locks are strongly recommended. According to the number of locks using, customer can choose from 1-lock or 2-lock boltwork to your actual needs.
Lock 30204 (Lock 30205 / Lock 30206 / Lock 30207 / Lock 30208 / Lock 30209) + handle 30900 + boltwork 30980 series

High Security Safes With Override Key Lock: End users may sometimes lost their passwords, instead of drill the safe to force open, override system has been designed to solve this problem. Safes with override systems must be equipped with high security key lock and override function boltwork to keep its high security performance.
Electronic lock or Mechanical lock + handle 30900 + U.L. listed key lock 30305 (VdS lock 30391) + override boltwork 30982 (30983)

Vault Door: Commercial and bank vault doors are extremely strict with security performance. U.L. listed mechanical, electronic and key safe locks, heavy duty spoke handles will undoubtedly secure your properties to the next level.
Electronic and  Mechanical safe lock + heavy duty handle 30903 (30905)

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