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Kcolefas is a leading supplier of security products, solutions and services, focusing on security lock system and financial equipment offerings. With deep expertise in security industry, we strive to deliver best practical solutions and security experience.

What we do

At Kcolefas, we help customers experience a more secure environment by guarding their property in a smarter and safer way. Targeting security lock and banking equipment products and services, we consistently deliver more innovative products to customers. We also take good care of the aftermarket with alternative and replacement products especially for banking industry with our safe deposit locks.

How we help meet your goal

It is the same pursuit for high security safe storage that connects you with kcolefas. We assist customers with tailored secure storage solutions, boosting their security to a higher level. Connect with us and experience how our security solutions can help your business.

Safe Locking System

We need high security and cost-effective safe locks for our safes, vaults doors and security containers, how can you help?
Kcolefas offers U.L. listed safe locks and comprehensive safe lock solutions at quite a cost-effective price. We can help build your products in a more secure way at reasonable budget.

Commercial Security

We are a bank, retailer, jewelry dealer, commercial institution, we have large quantity of valuables to protect daily, how can you help?
Kcolefas offers U.L. listed safes, vault doors to commercial institutions to guard your valuables every single day. Focus 100% energy on your creative work and leave the security protection to us.

Cabinet Lockers

We need durable and functional cabinet lock systems for our cabinets and lockers with easy management, how can you help?
Kcolefas offers robust and reliable mechanical cabinet lock with master key management and electronic lock with superior function, best guardians for your cabinet lockers.


Not long history but our passion for security industry is infinite.

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