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Mechanical Key Locks

Mechanical key locks are the most traditional and classic locking solution for safe industry since the early days. The double-bitted lever key locks are widely accepted and become the standard key lock solution for safe storage applications due to their high security performance. The double-bitted lever key locks are primarily used on interior compartments, lightweight safes and as the secondary lock on high-security applications like high-grade safes, automatic cash safes, security containers, bank vault doors, ATMs, cash recyclers and deposit systems.

Kcolefas offers a good selection of double-bitted lever key locks for your security applications. With standard mounting dimension, our key locks can replace other combination locks and key locks without effort. Available in various key lengths, we aim to make sure our key locks can suit your safe storage products no matter how thick their doors are. We also offer the 4-wheel combination key locks for you if you prefer the new technology, which keys can be easily changed to new keys without the need to disassemble.

Our mechanical safe key locks offer various features:

  • Rich in Key Lengths – Short to extra-long key lengths suitable for any security applications.
  • Tough Quality – Full steel 11 lever key lock 30305 series for max protection.
  • Key Changeable – 4-wheel combination key lock with key changeable function without disassembling.