Good quality safe components and accessories play a decisive role in improving integrated security of your safe products. Functional boltworks are the core of safes by connecting safe locks, safe handles and safe bolts together. Escutcheons and safe handles with nice finishing are also the key elements that contribute to your whole safe design.

Kcolefas offers a variety of universal components that are compatible with standard locks and fittings in the safe industry. Most of our safe parts offerings are compatible with each other, and we also offer specially customized products that meet your extra needs.

Explore more details in our safe component offerings:

  • Boltworks – one-lock and two-lock operation with or without relocker series and override lock series available.
  • Safe Handles – Heavy-duty 3-spoke/5-spoke handles for safes and vault doors and standard 30900 handles with square stem.
  • Escutcheons – Suitable for most standard key locks with nice finishing.