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Safe Parts And Fittings

Kcolefas offers a complete selection of versatile fittings, accessories and safe parts for almost every safe and vault application such as gun safes,  fire-resistant and burglary-resistant safes, vault doors and strongrooms. Our safe parts offering now includes safe handles, keyhole cover escutcheons and boltworks.

Safe Handle 

Our heavy-duty 3 spoke safe handle and 5 spoke safe handle are the ideal gun safe handle for premium gun safes. They are also suitable for high-security large safes and vault doors. The 30900 series safe handle is the most used safe handle in the industry, which is widely used in ATMs, small to medium safes, file cabinets with flexible compatibility.


Boltwork is the core mechanism that connects safe locks, safe handles and safe bolts together.

Kcolefas offers 3 way and 4 way boltworks for either one lock or two locks operation with or without relocker. The 30980.2 series is the two lock operation boltwork that requires both locks to unlock at the same time, which is ideal for dual lock operation safes. The 30982 and 30983 series redundant boltworks are one lock operation boltwork with an emergency key lock to override in case of the failure of the main electronic lock.

Keyhole Cover Escutcheon

Smooth and good-looking verticle or horizontal escutcheon plate to cover lever key lock and wheel combination key lock holes. Their nice finishing may fit any of your safe designs.

Recommended Applications

Gun Safes

Weapon storage such as gun safes, gun cabinets, gun lockers, and weapon containers.

Fire & Burglary Safes

Fireproof and burglary resistant safes such as home safes, furniture safes, hotel safes and document safes.

Vault Doors

Strong doors utilized for security protection such as panic room vault doors, shelf doors, ballistic doors, and armory doors.

Business Safe Storages

Safekeeping sensitive items and valuables from unauthorized access such as office furniture, cabinets & drawers, lockers, file cabinets, and compartments.

Security Containers

Security containers for storing classified materials such as funds, jewels, precious metals, classified documents, components, materials, and equipment.


Commercial and financial machines and products such as ATMs, cash recyclers, deposit systems, and automated teller safes.


Banking equipment such as vault doors, date gates, safe deposit boxes, strongrooms, and modular vaults.