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Commercial and retail facilities invest more in flexibility nowadays to deal with continuous and rapid changes in this industry. Unexpected new risks, even customer’s taste, are all changing faster than ever thus mature, secure and convenient security solutions are necessary in this specific industry.

Kcolefas offers keyless cabinet lock solutions to commercial and retail facilities with security and convenience. Our dependable and qualified cabinet locking system simply saves time and cost for you to focus on productivity without the worry of security concerns. For commercial centers and retails stores that need to deal with valuables on a daily basis, our robust and fully customizable safe products will keep your valuables and document secure from unauthorized access and burglary threats.


kcolefas u.l. top reading dial and ring 30132

Safe Locks

Full product line of UL listed safe locks to secure your properties.

kcolefas electronic combination cabinet lock 30531

Cabinet Locks

Mechanical and electronic cabinet locks to secure your valuables with ease.

kcolefas u.l. listed bank vault door

Vault doors

UL class 1-3 rated high security vault doors and modular vault for banks.