Mechanical Key Lock

30390 Series 4-Wheel Key Lock

The 4 wheel combination key lock 30390 series is our premium key lock solutions for ATMs, high security safes and vault doors with changeable key design. The keys can be changed directly without the need to disassemble the lock.

Unique gear alignment on the wheel allows the lock to be functioning properly on extreme conditions. There are 11 cuttings on the wheels also increase manipulation difficulty by expert. With nearly 150 thousand of theoretical variations for key combinations available, customers are well protected from duplicate key concerns.

Approved by China G.A certification, the 30390 4-wheel combination lock can be one of your best key lock solutions. The default mounting holes on bolt makes the lock to be the perfect secondary override key lock solution for override function boltworks.



  • 4-wheel changeable key lock
  • 4 brass wheels
  • Standard footprint
  • Key retained in open position
  • Die-cast lock case and bolt
  • Stainless steel key
  • Bolt throw 10 mm
  • Four-way mounting: left hand, right hand, vertical up, vertical down


Product Specs Description
Size 61*85*29 mm
Weight 493.5 g
Functions Foldable key
Keys Full length: 121 mm (3″ key stem) Usable length: 53 mm
Full length: 148 mm (4″ key stem) Usable length: 80 mm
Full length: 168 mm (5″ key stem) Usable length: 100 mm
Certification China G.A. approval