Mechanical Key Lock

30305 Series Steel 11 Lever Key Lock

The heavy-duty 30305 steel made 11 lever lock is our premium key lock solutions for high end security products like heavy weight safes, vault doors, armed cabinets, cash machines, ATMs and safe storages where maximum protection is critical. The robust lock case and keys can protect your valuables problem-free for years.

The rigid short to long length keys allow the locks to be used on thin walls to very thick walls like vault rooms. The 11 levers guarantee theoretical number of codes of approx. 280 million where almost every individual key is unique and different.

The 30305 series locks are also the optimal choice as the secondary safe lock on high end safes and vault doors. The tough quality allows the lock to protect your most valuable property problem-free for years.



  • 11 lever right hand lock
  • Standard footprint
  • Key retained in open position
  • Steel case and bolt, robust and reliable
  • Anti-drill protection
  • Bolt throw 12 mm
  • Serial number marked on key


Product Specs Description
Size 89*61*27 mm
Weight 520 g
Functions Keyed-alike, Key not retained in open position, No Serial number marked on key
Keys Full length: 100mm Usable length: 50mm
Full length: 135mm Usable length: 85mm
Full length: 175mm Usable length: 125mm
Full length: 235mm Usable length: 185mm
Certification China G.A. approval