Electronic Safe Lock

30272 Series Biometric Electronic Safe Lock

Outstanding biometric electronic safe lock 30272 with a fingerprint scanner, robust keypad and swing bolt lock unit, including common features such as user and manager code management, dual mode, and time delay mode, available for storing up to 40 fingerprints.

kcolefas electronic safe lock entry 30272 with fingerprint input
kcolefas electronic safe lock entry 30272 with fingerprint input

The premium 30272 series is the biometric keypad entry for the safe lock 30287 series. With 40 user access and 10 manager access, dual mode and time delay mode available, these locks are widely used on ATMs, jewelery stores and business facilities where high security lock protection is required.


  • 40 user access(code or fingerprint) and 10 manager access(code or fingerprint)
  • Low voltage signal
  • Wrong try penalty after 3 false codes or 5 false fingerprints
  • Dual mode(code and code/code and fingerprint/fingerprint and fingerprint)
  • Time delay 01-99 minutes
  • Die-cast entry case
  • Cable connected, no spindle required
  • Power supply: integrated 4*1.5V AA battery compartment inside entry case


Product SpecsDescription
SizeD98 mm, H32 mm
Weight227 g
FinishingBrush finish