Mechanical Safe Lock

30180 Series Safe Lock

30180 series is a UL Group 2 Listed, 3-wheel combination safe lock with one million possible combinations that are suitable for safes, vaults and cabinets.

kcolefas 3 wheel ul lock body 30180
kcolefas 3 wheel ul lock body 30180 kcolefas 3 wheel ul lock body 30180

The 30180 series is the combination lock body for mechanical safe locks. With theoretical 1,000,000 combinations and more than two man-hours of manipulation resistance, these three-wheel safe locks provide great security performance in many applications such as high security safes, vault doors, ATMs and commercial applications alike. Approved by the U.S. Underwriters Laboratories with U.L. group 2 certification, you can trust and count on the mechanical safe locks to guard your properties for years without problems.


  • 3-wheel combination lock
  • Standard footprint
  • Integrated relocker: bolt blocking in case of manipulation of the lock cover
  • Die-cast lock case, bolt and drop lever
  • Bolt throw: 9.2mm
  • Accessory pack: change key, spline key,
  • 2 screws 1/4 – 20 x 3/8 PH
  • 2 screws 1/4 – 20 x 1 PH
  • Four-way mounting: left hand, right hand, vertical up, vertical down


Product SpecsDescription
Size85*61*29 mm
Weight458.5 g
FinishingColor zinc, Black finish
CertificationUL Group 2