Safe Deposit Lock

30430 Series Safe Deposit Lock

Excellent double small nose, non-handed, UL listed changeable safe deposit lock. Ideal replacement lock for SG 4500 series. Also suitable for initial installations.

kcolefas safe deposit lock 30430
kcolefas safe deposit lock 30430 kcolefas safe deposit lock 30430 with key kcolefas safe deposit lock 30430 with key

The 30430 series U.L. listed safe deposit locks share the same footprint as S&G 4500 safe deposit locks that allow these locks to be the perfect replacement and maintenance solution for most banking deposit boxes.

The non-handed design allows the locks to be installed on either left-handed or right-handed doors.

These locks also allow the keys to be easily changed directly through a change tool inserted in the back without the need of disassemble the lock.

Can always be your first choice for banking deposit boxes projects.


  • Double changeable: changeable renter and changeable guard
  • Non-handed design for both right hand and left hand doors
  • 3/8″ or 1/2″ nose height double little nose for standard safe deposit doors
  • 7 renter levers, 7 guard levers for maximum key combinations
  • Brass levers for long life
  • Keys retained when in open position for added security
  • Renter key cannot be inserted until guard key is inserted for more security
  • Special key design available
  • 90*38 mm
  • Same footprint as S&G 4500 for easy retrofitting
  • Same footprint as Bullseye B500 for easy retrofitting
  • Same footprint as Ilco/Precision 5400 for easy retrofitting


Product SpecsDescription
Size100*47*23 mm
Weight395 g
FinishingNickle plated, Brass finish, Nickle plated with grooved key
CertificationU.L. certification