Safe Deposit Lock

30431 Series Safe Deposit Lock

30431 series (Guardian 6832) U.L. listed double changeable safe deposit locks share the same footprint as S&G 4440 locks that allow these locks to be the perfect replacement and maintenance solution for most banking deposit boxes.

These locks are available in both left-handed and right-handed types to accommodate different doors.



  • Double changeable: changeable renter and changeable guard
  • Available for right hand (R.H.) and left hand (L.H.)
  • 1/2″ nose height, double little nose for standard safe deposit doors
  • 6 renter levers, 5 guard levers providing high key combinations
  • Keys retained when in open position for added security
  • 68*32 mm
  • Same footprint as S&G 4440 for easy retrofitting
  • Same footprint as Bullseye B400 for easy retrofitting
  • Same footprint as Ilco A400/Precision P40 for easy retrofitting


Product Specs Description
Size 82*46*19 mm
Weight 269 g
Finishing Nickle plated, Brass finish
Function Left hand (L.H.), Right hand (R.H.)
Certification U.L. certification

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