Safe Deposit Lock

30432 Series Safe Deposit Lock

Top notch big nose & small nose, UL listed fixed safe deposit lock, ideal replacement lock for Kumahira KD-76. Also suitable for initial installations.

kcolefas safe deposit lock 30432 rh
kcolefas safe deposit lock 30432 rh kcolefas safe deposit lock 30432 lh kcolefas safe deposit lock 30432 rh with key

The U.L. listed 30432 series is our standard safe deposit lock solution for global customers. These locks are optimized with durability and mechanism improvement to serve banks and premium safe deposit lockers with consistent high performance without problems. The guard and renter keys are more elegant with nice chrome finishing and widely preferred by customers and end users.


  • Available for right hand (R.H.) and left hand (L.H.)
  • 1/2″ nose height, big nose little nose for standard safe deposit doors
  • 7 renter levers, 6 guard levers providing high key combinations
  • Brass levers for long life
  • Keys retained when in open position for added security
  • 71*38 mm
  • Same footprint as Kumahira KD-76 for easy retrofitting


Product SpecsDescription
Size90*49*23 mm
FinishingNickle plated
FunctionLeft hand (L.H.), Right hand (R.H.)
CertificationU.L. certification