Safe Deposit Lock

30440 Series Safe Deposit Lock

30440 series locks are single nose safe deposit locks with renter and guard keys. Same as dual nose locks, the 30440 lock requires a renter and guard key to unlock. These locks are specially offered to fit in small boxes or compartments with limited space and small locks with one nose are preferred.



  • Available for right hand (R.H.) and left hand (L.H.)
  • 1/2″ nose height single little nose
  • 7 brass levers for long life and high key combinations
  • Renter key retained when in open position for added security
  • 60*20 mm
  • Same footprint as S&G 261/263 for easy retrofitting
  • Same footprint as Bullseye B2401 for easy retrofitting


Product Specs Description
Size 76*30*21 mm
Finishing Brass finish
Function Left hand (L.H.), Right hand (R.H.)

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