Banking Security

We solve the critical challenges in the banking industry with an offering of proven high-security safe storage solutions.

Locking and Banking Solutions

Kcolefas provides locking and banking products, solutions and services for residential and commercial customers. We protect banks, governments, homes and businesses of all kinds with bespoke physical safe storage solutions to meet their security goals.

Enhancing security
Increasing flexibility
Empowering business

Discover how we secure your property and business.

What’s Next

Security develops in a type of race with future risks and challenges, discover compelling industry insights on how to create a safer world.

Featured Solutions

Discover what Kcolefas has to offer for your industry and markets.

Safe Locks

Safe locking systems is critical for safe storage products. The optimal safe lock matters

Banking Equipment

Financial institutions become more secure with high security problem-free banking equipment

Cabinets Locks

Time to replace metal keys to digital code numbers, it’s just more flexible

Aftermarket for Banking Industry

We provide professional aftermarket products and service for the banking industry

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